Rita Kingsbury

Climbed from 28 th Jan to 2 nd Feb 2016

Very nice and respectful guides. Ready to help, they show us that sometimes with a slow paste (pole pole) it’s easier to accomplish your goal.

Carrie Youngblood

Climbed from 28 th Jan to 2 nd Feb 2016

Prosper and Frank were both excellent guides on my 6 day trek of Mt.Kilimanjaro using the Machame route. They were friendly, spoke English well, and always engaged in conversations with our group making us feel very welcomed. They were knowledgeable about the history of the mountain, the terrain, and the wildlife. They also taught us about life in Africa and shared stories and songs along the way. Prosper and Frank were very organized and kept us on track while still accommodating the groups slower pace and any members who needed extra help or time. Never did we feel rushed or inconvenienced. Prosper and Frank constantly had the health and safety of our group in mind. They were always checking in with how we were feeling. They would carry gear/packs to help anyone who was tired or struggling. They did their best to make our experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. They truly wanted to maximize our success at summiting and they did everything in their power to ensure we had the best opportunity. Prosper and Frank are responsible and enjoyable guides that I would recommend to anyone.


Climbed from 18-24 th Feb 2017

The Kilimanjaro climb was a life changing experience for me. The guides Frank and Prosper were truly amazing and made all the difference to the trip. Different in many ways, but, like the two sides of a coin, complementing and supporting each other, they made the trip truly beautiful. The other guides and porters and the chef who accompanied us were really genuine and amazing people and we were really overwhelmed with their commitment, attitude and service. We were well fed, taken care of royally and I wouldn’t have made this trip without their care and support.I am so thankful to Anandita in giving us the confidence to undertake this trip with African Adventures and will not hesitate in recommending this company to any one.Thanks to all of you, it was an adventure to be cherished forever..

Dr. Sudha Manjunath

It was in October 2015 that my friend and I signed up to climb Kilimanjaro in Jan 2016. I thought the most important thing to do was to get fit, possess the right gear and hope for good luck. Altitude sickness and its consequences were always in the back of my minHaving summitted Kili successfully on Feb 1st 2016 through the Machame route, I know now that the people that you climb with are as important as anything else to succeed. I had a great bunch of people in my climbing group. I had an even better set of guides. Prosper and Frank were the main guides for our group. We were all taking a few hours longer each day than what was expected. That did not seem to bother them one bit- they were unfailingly patient and good humored. One could sense that this was not just a job for them. They were passionate about it and they wanted us to succeed!! One of our team members had to be evacuated and I was truly impressed with the speed with which Prosper took the decision and executed it , which probably saved her life.If you wish to climb kili, I strongly recommend that you do it with Prosper and Frank. I wish them every success with their new company – Afrikan adventure. ”


” When I went for the adventure packed -adrenaline rush hike in Kilimanjaro, I realized it wasn’t just our training and effort which made it possible but it was the people who took us up and helped us with our hike. The team that carried our tent, our food,our bags and made sure we were on the right track by supporting us and walking beside us every step of the way. I am certain that it’s very important that we have the right kind of guide, one who can assess our abilities and help us do our best. I can say I was very fortunate to have Frank and Prosper in our team. Walking beside them the entire day talking about so many things.The kind of support and encouragement they gave us was fantastic. The temperament they had in all situations was admirable. The energy level they had was unbelievable and I can’t thank them enough for all the support and help they gave us for the climb. ”

Tanvi Vasan, 23 - India

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania in Jan-Feb 2016: Machame Route:

Two of our seven guides were Frank and Prosper. We were a group of 16 people, from the US and India, ages ranging from 22 to 63. We were a mixed group and the two of them were very helpful in tackling all of our anxieties about the trek to make it a successful climb, but more importantly, a safe one. Frank stuck with the entire group, leading the group through the treacherous terrain to make sure we maintained the right pace so as to have all of us acclimatize successfully. He was friendly and it was easy to strike up conversation with him about the area, culture and offered insight that you rarely would find online and would need a ‘local’ to share that handy insight into the workings of their lives and more. Towards the latter half of the trek, Frank remained with the team but was focused on helping one of our team members. She was a little more hesitant and needed constant attention to overcome her fears and it was clear, even as an outsider, that his only focus was to keep her safe and take one step at a time to reach the next camp. Frank never lost his temper and was very encouraging all through. Even at camp, with the rest of the group, he always checked in to see how everyone was feeling and if we showed any signs of altitude sickness, which is a major concern when you are at high altitudes, especially in new surroundings.

Prosper is a seasoned mountaineer, and it showed. Just like Frank, he was an encouraging, friendly and fun buddy to chat with to make the time go quicker. Often we would split up into smaller groups, based on energy levels and pace, and all of our guides would see to it that everyone was safe and making sure we were hydrated, keeping our energy levels up and they also succeeded in keeping our morale up during the long days and almost sleepless nights. Frank was one of these guides who found it quite easy to keep morale up by changing our focus from aching legs to appreciating the nature around us. He was well versed in the flora and fauna of the area, and even pointed out the endemic plants when we crossed them. During one of the conversations I had with him, I also learned about how he had studied all the flora and fauna of the region, and even had done surveys with the government and other organisations to do his bit in keeping the land he calls home resilient. He was very proud of his accomplishments and when asked, would happily share his knowledge with you. Saying that, he was also curious to know about us, our interests, our cultures and more.

Frank and Prosper are fantastic guides. Not only are they safe and seasoned mountaineers, but also good company in making sure you truly enjoy the trek. I would definitely recommend them as guides to ensure you have a safe, successful and memorable experience in Tanzania.