Fact Check - Lake Manyara National Park

Fact Check - Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara national park is a popular destination among tourists. Over here, people come from all across the globe to have a fascinating view of nature & different kinds of animals that live over here.

So, if you want to see the activities & attractions of this national park, then the best thing that you can do is take an African safari tour. Thus, in this blog, we would brief about Lake Manyara national park facts. Let us have a look:-

  • Location

    It is one of the famous national parks in Africa and it is a perfect wildlife viewing destination. Moreover, it is located in the northernmost part of Tanzania and it is situated quite close to Arusha. Other than this, it is one of the best national parks in Africa.

  • Diverse Scenery

    The following national park is surrounded by diverse scenery which consists of dense woodlands, swampy marshes, acacia trees to name a few.

  • Meaning of word Manyara

    The word Manyara came from the Maasai phrase which means a plant that grows into a thick hedge. In general, Maasai use the Manyara plant in the form of the fence to safeguard their livestock such as sheep, cattle, and goats.

  • Tree climbing lions

    In this national park, you will find tree-climbing lions hanging from tree branches during a safari tour.

  • A large number of elephants

    A large group of elephants can be seen while you take a safari tour in this national park. Hence, you should visit this website as a part of Africa tours. One great fact is that this national park was established initially to safeguard elephants from extinction & poachers.

  • Lake Manyara

    Lake Manyara is a saltwater lake that covers about 2/3 of the total national park area. One major fact about this lake is that water levels keep on changing over time. Around this lake, activities such as bird watching, canoeing and photography are enjoyed by the tourists.

  • Wide varieties of animal species

    Over here you can find a wide variety of animals such as tigers, Lion, Elephants, Zebra, hippos, baboons, blue monkeys, antelopes to name a few. Thus, this national park is the best place to witness wildlife in Africa.

  • Different kinds of bird species

    In this national park, you can find different varieties of bird species. You can easily locate them in floodplains, forests, and lakeshores.

  • Game drives

    Game drives are the activities that are carried out by the tourist during their visit to this national park. Game drives are organized 24 * 7 and tourists can select them as per their choice. It is highly recommended that you opt for morning game drives as different wildlife species such as waterbucks, Zebras, hippos, monkeys, etc. are more active during the morning time. Moreover, tourists can easily spot them while they drive through savannah plains in the national park.

    Night game drives are basically for those tourists who are looking out for nocturnal wildlife species. Lastly, full-day game drives include driving through acacia woodlands, savannah plains, etc. in search of different wildlife species for the complete day.

  • Best time to visit

    The best time when you can visit Lake Manyara national park is from June to October which is a dry season in this area. During this time, you can easily enjoy the game viewing activities. Also, the grass is short during this season which makes it easy to watch wildlife species across different water points present in the national park.

  • Best time for watching birds

    If you want to have an unforgettable bird-watching experience, then you need to pay a visit to this national park from November to march. During this time, you can find migrant as well as native birds.

  • Nature walks

    The nature walk is quite famous among the tourist who visits Lake Manyara national park. In this, you can enjoy wildlife while walking in the company of a guide.

    The treetop walkway is used by the tourists as a track during this fun activity. This walkway takes you into the forest where you can find platforms. From here, you can watch tree canopies as well as wildlife species such as elephants & monkeys.

  • Small size

    Another fact about this national park is that it is small in size in comparison to other destinations of northern Tanzania such as Tarangire national park, Serengeti national park, etc. However, over here, you will find different wildlife & bird species that are quite diverse in nature. Other than this, it has several different attractions & scenery.

  • Baboons

    Baboons are a quite common sight for tourists who visit this national park. You can easily spot them near the northern entrance of this national park near the forest.