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The adequate time to watch Tanzania's wildlife and Zanzibar's beautiful beaches should be known! If you are an adventure freak, you must travel from July to September to catch the river crossings of the Great Migration and for Spice Island sunshine. Your reasons to travel Tanzania doesn’t end here.

Vibrant Tanzania

Visiting the Vibrant Tanzania!

The perfect season to catch a glimpse of this enchanting experience is in June or September for the crowd-haters. Head south and indulge in the most calm & peaceful national parks that are extremely quiet all year round. Outside the peak season, January and February mainly offer dry weather, and the wildlife emerges to make the most of the topped-up waterholes.

The adequate time to visit Tanzania depends on what wildlife you'd like to spot. The rains dictate the country's seasons and the wildlife numbers, so you have a slightly different experience depending on when you select to visit.

Tanzania's main attraction is the Great Migration which mainly takes place year-round across the Serengeti. Most of the masses visit here between July and September. You may also get a chance to witness the vast herds of the wildebeest and the zebra crossing the Mara River.

It also ensures to avoid the jaws of crocodiles and other predators as well waiting to pounce. You can also witness various vehicles in the park at this time of the year. So let us find out about the best time to do safari in Tanzania and the adequate months!

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