Bengaluru school kids conquer Kilimanjaro

Bengaluru school kids conquer Kilimanjaro

BENGALURU: Bengaluru On September 29, seven students of Indus International School, Bengaluru, planted their feet on the highest point in Africa: the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Reaching the mountain’s summit was an unforgettable moment for Siddharth Singh, Tarush Harris, Mihir Kansal, Aryaman Verma, Jasmeher Singh, Rahul Rao and William Joseph. The team was part of the 10-day expedition organized by the school, `Peak to Lead’ from September 24. They reached the peak – 5,895m above sea level – at the end of a 36km trek through the Marangu Route.

Tarush, a class 10 student, said he was overwhelmed by emotion when he reached the summit. “I felt that all the effort I had put into this endeavour was worth it. I felt proud that life had presented me with such an opportunity,” he added. Mihir, also class 10 student, said he intended to conquer the seven tallest peaks in all the continents.

On the first night, the group halted amid the lush rainforest at Horombu Hut, at an altitude of 3,780m to get acclimatized to the conditions. Led by Captain Mohit, the team then faced a gruelling 6km steep climb. The sight which met their eyes when they reached the acme was wondrous – the view of the dormant volcano along with glaciers on the periphery of the rim.

Adversity and challenging circumstances forge leadership, affirmed Captain Mohit, the expedition-in-charge and trainer at the Indus School of Leadership, an in-house training institute at the school. With its onus on leadership, the school believes in instilling resilience and self-reliance in its students. The expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro was one such endeavour, he added.

Class 9 student Rahul Rao said, ” I have become more self reliant. In the wilderness, you don’t have any gadgets or tools; the environment pushes you to help yourself.”

Principal of Indus International School, Sarojini Rao said: “We believe in preparing students for the challenges of life. In facing these situations, students develop leadership skills that equips them to address life’s hurdles.”