Afrikan Adventure is a collective group of daring and fun loving nature enthusiasts who are passionate about trekking, mountaineering, wildlife and culture of Africa. Dr. Anindita Bhateja, an MD in internal medicine and a Physician in Bangalore, India has been actively partaking in the breathtaking adventures of Africa since 2016.

Dr. Anindita completed MBBS in 1993 and MD in internal medicine in 1999. She worked in a medical college in the department of Neurology and the department of Nephrology till 2002.In her first major climb to Kilimanjaro via the Rongai route she met Frank and Prosper. Convinced by their capabilities the trio decided to create Afrikan Adventure together. Being a primary investor in the organisation along with other 2 partners, the company is registered under Tanzanian Government.

Frank, Prosper and Anindita are partners and have a vision to help people climb this majestic mountain and see the amazing, surreal wildlife in Tanzania safely and have an adventure of a lifetime.

About Afrikan Adventure

Just went and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro !!

Dr. Anindita Bhateja

Climbing Kilimanjari

Started on 28 th Jan 2016 and ended on 2nd Feb , thankfully of the same year!! Without a doubt this was the most challenging and toughest thing I have ever done. Challenge was not just physical but mental and emotional as well. I am not a mountaineer. This was absolutely the first time I was even attempting something of this magnitude with fear and excitement in my heart!! Started training from 6 th December and went for weekend hikes and went for long walks with a backpack , some strength training and some cycling on the side. Also did some deep breathing exercises.

Nothing trained me for the actual thing!! It was a mountain of a magnitude I could not even imagine!! For 3 weeks before I left I couldn’t sleep well at night due to fear of the unknown. Finally the day arrived and the climb started. By this time I had calmed myself enough to say that I was only going to try whatever I could do and will try thinking of reaching from camp to camp!!

First day we started and it’s a beautiful rainforest for about 18km. Took me about 6 hours to do it . Reminded me of Little Red Riding Hood going to her grandma’s house!! But as we had started late due to formalities to be completed, the last 40 min was in darkness with hyena calls!! Was scary and exciting!! Day 2 was supposedly a steep climb!! And steep it was from Machame hut to Shira camp. Rocks , rocks and more rocks. Passes and ravines were crossed and it was tough. By day 3, which was a 12 hour day for me , from Shira, upto Lava tower, steep descends to barranco camp, at the base of Barranco wall!! I was exhausted and didn’t think I could do another day of this relentless and strenuous climb. By this time there was this guy , my guide, Frank , with me who was being seriously patient and wouldn’t give up on me.

Next day in my head was the toughest thing I had to do which was climb the Barancco wall!! Take the leap of faith, kiss the wall , which was the most exhilarating thing I had ever done in my life. There was this seriously pro guide Prosper also with me along with Frank and because of these guys I so thoroughly enjoyed this climb like I had never imagined that I would!! For me my climb got over as I had conquered the dreaded Barancco wall and my fear of heights. But the day was not over yet!! Had to reach karanga for a short break and then continue to Barafu!! If I thought that these last few days were hard, and Barancco wall was tough , this was karanga to Barafu was horrendous !! By the time I reached it was almost 8:30 pm. I was exhausted I could barely take a step forward. I actually broke down and told these guys to just leave me there and let me be. I felt like a prisoner of war who was going to drop dead due to exhaustion!! Again because of Frank , and I have no idea how , I reached the dinner tent. My entire group applauded my fear of reaching there conscious and in one piece . At this point I decided that no one in the group, my guide or porters needed to wait for another long haul for me the next day to summit and hence decided to stay back at Barafu.

Barafu was absolutely the worst camp. Rocky, steep, slanting, cold like hell and what not!! My group left around 2:30 am to summit, I stayed in the tent and shivered all night!!! I spoke to my family from Barafu and told them that I had consciously taken a decision not to summit and they were glad I had just survived this. Must have fallen off to sleep at some 5 am or so and then Frank who had stayed back with me , came and woke me up and I saw the most beautiful sunrise ever!! Had tea and some breakfast. For the first time I also had some downtime . Sat in the dinner tent , had some breakfast, showed some pictures of my family, saw some pictures of Frank’s family and now that I wasn’t exhausted and was feeling great and thinking that I had achieved my target of camp to camp and actually reached the last camp, and this entire experience was almost over, and at this point made a friend for life with my guide . To me he helped me achieve my dream and conquer my fear!! Not a single gesture of impatience , rudeness or anything inappropriate in these last 5 days and nights. Then started the climb back . This too was not easy and was damn hard but by now when Frank was with me I could do anything. Next day I reached the hotel in Arusha, and saw a clean bed, shower, sink with running water in it, and these things took on a different meaning of luxury !! Till now there was just me , the mountain and God in the form of rock which didn’t let me slip, the boot of my guide which held my foot in place and the hand which was extended to help me climb up or down without asking!!

Climbing Kilimanjari

I have written this whole thing not only to recount my climbing experience but also to let at least my friends know how these Tanzanian guys were with me at a time when I was most vulnerable and what amazing human beings they are.

Asante Tanzania!!
Asante Kilimanjaro !!

You changed me forever , hopefully to be a better human being!!

On the way back from Kilimanjaro to bangalore, all I could think about is how I am going to go back and climb this mountain again and how I am going to do something to help my new friends, Prosper and Frank.So an idea formed, and I have opened a company with them called afrikan-adventure, where all 3 of us are partners, will help you to trek up to the roof of Africa, see wildlife in all its glory in the wild and interact with the Masai people.

As a trial run a friend of mine and me went back to Kilimanjaro to trek up to Uhuru, the highest point of Africa with my partners.This was a true adventure of a lifetime. This was a 7 day, Rongai route and what fabulous service was laid out for us. The food, the company, the chef, the porters were even nicer and more professional if that’s even possible.This time the client and me, summited and were able to reach uhuru on 29th of june 2016

This was the most amazing experience. I was way better this time than last, and thoroughly enjoyed my climb.
Asante Tanzania, Asante Kilimanjaro !! ” You have definitely changed me forever!!


“Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.”
Afrikan Proffesional


Guiding you professionally along the summit of Kilimanjaro and across the natural wildlife of Tanzania with years of experience in treks, safaris and mountaineering.

Afrikan Safe


Making you feel extremely safe throughout the journey with expert chefs, guides, porters and medically equipped to handle altitude sickness and medical emergencies.

Afrikan Hospitable


Treating you with utmost hospitality by creating a friendly and respectful atmosphere with high responsiveness. Make yourselves at home!



Afrikan Adventure is a company dedicated to helping the average person experience adventure and excitement, whether this may be through climbing Kilimanjaro or safaris in the vast Savannahs of Serengeti and the crater of Ngorongoro. The local community in Tanzania is heavily involved in helping companies like ours flourish.

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